Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wind Out of My Sails

We had a yard sale today and I am pooped!! I put out soooo many clothes and sadly only 5 shirts sold. :( It was hardly worth my time, but at least I tried. Now to eBay what didn't sell. Ugh, I hate eBay.

Ooh. This week was a pretty good one because over the period of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I was able to hang out with most of my very favorite people. Hanging out with any of them is more or less rare, and to see them all in one week was awesome.

In random news (being aware that I am OBSESSED with food), I saw this picture of a new sandwich offered at Dennys and while it looks kind of disgusting, it's also oddly appealing. Presenting the Fried Cheese Melt: "four fried mozzarella sticks and melted American cheese grilled between two slices of sourdough bread". Really, it's all about the picture.

Yes? No?

So I only have two nails pics to share, and I submitted both of them to the last two PhD's challenges. I love having some direction to start the nail design process. Here's the first mani which I actually did before I remembered the challenge, but it happened to coincide with the theme of nature so I submitted it.

Urban Outfitters Blue, m13 with Essie A-List

Next is just tips, the design of which I debated over for a while. I originally wanted to do white tips with neon pink fishnets but was moreso feeling the blue.

Essie Candy Apple Mint, m57 & m60 with
Konad white & China Glaze Awaken

Oh. A couple of weeks ago Alysia and I put highlights in my hair and I went a little crazy with the amount of time I left the goo on . . . They turned out SO blond, it was scary. The blond itself was a good color (not orange at all) but the contrast with my extremely dark brown natural color was gnarly. Here are some pics of it just for fun (and it looked even worse in person, let me assure you).

I went right away and bought some semi-permanent dye to tone it way back to normal. It's redder than my natural color but I went with the semi because my hair will fade back to bleachy. Right now it's already a lot lighter than this pic from the day I dyed it. It'll be fun to see how blond it will get again.

Well, this was an incredibly boring post. Sorry about that. Only one week left until school starts again, and I have SO-O-O-O-------OOOOO much to do before then. Despite that, I hope to blog again soon. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

P.S. Happy birthday!

I just noticed the blog's first birthday was two days ago! Whohoo! Thanks to my followers! Knowing that even one person reads my blog motivates me to post, even if it is only once a month. :)

Home Sweet Home

I have had an amazing month!! I know I was apprehensive about camp but this year I had the best dorm I've ever had. They were so wonderful and fun. All the campers were. :) I'm thrilled I went this year. I drove to camp (in Washington) with friends and had such a great time, the day camp ended, hanging out in Portland for the afternoon with more friends from Arizona then caravaning back with them. It was a really long trip (we drove straight through back to Los Angeles) but we switched passengers and drivers between the two cars all the time which made for quite the awesome drive. I love those guys.

OK so get ready for pictures!

Alysia and me in our H&M roadtrip sunglasses:

Here was my pretty view while sitting on the soccer field at camp:

They have forests everywhere! I love the fairytale-ness of it. :) Looking up:

So the day after I got back from camp, I got back in the car -- this time with my family -- and headed out to Colorado for my best friend (and other really good friend)'s wedding. Here's a pic I snapped a pic while driving. Not sure what state we were in:

We made sure to get there a few days early so I could attend the bachelorette party. It was a fun night filled with various shenanigans. ;) Here were my nails for the occasion using my precious new Zoya Ali with Konad m3 and m57:

Bride-to-be Madeline:

Here we are at the wedding: :)

Bride and groom after the cake-cutting hamming it up for other BFF Jen and official photographer (check out some of her amazing pictures on her blog):

Me with Jen and Madeline. Love them!! I so very much wish they lived [much] closer.

Here's a picture I snapped on the drive back home. I like the colors and clouds:

For the wedding, I did my nails with Trixie by Zoya (ahh the most amazing ground-up tin foil silver!) and then on the trip home found LA Colors nail art polishes at the Dollar Tree (!) so I had to test them out. One of my very first hand painting attempts:

Here's my current manicure which I really like. Zoya Avril (agh -- the formula drives me mad but thankfully it's so nude you don't really notice the unevenness) with Konad m77 stamped with Revlon Chrome:

That's it! I'll leave you with a picture I took during a most memorable stop with my family at a rest area in Colorado (involved my mom accidentally kicking my little shih tzu into the rushing river. All ended well, thankfully, and now we find the situation rather hilarious). I only changed the overall tint of the photo to a violet color. All the variations and such were already there. It's currently my background picture. :)

Well that was a brief summery of my past few weeks! I hope you guys are having a summer as nice as mine!