Friday, January 14, 2011


Look at me being all productive and blogging again! Don't get used to it. :)

I've been playing around with a new look for the blog. It's definitely more subdued than my original look:
I still love how it was but figured it was time for a change. I might do some more tweaking but overall I'm okay with how it looks (though it is a bit drab). Any thoughts?

If you've read this blog all the way through, you may remember I worked as an extra on The Middle a little over a year ago. Well, if all goes to plan, I will be again!! For FOUR days! Man, I am soo excited: I got a call this morning from one of the casting agents seeing if I am available next week and I said YES. She's calling back this afternoon with the details. Next week is the last of my school break (the last week I'm open to do background work) and I've called in soo many times this break but never got through the lines. Now they called me! EEK. Anyway, since I signed up two years ago, they've called me twice for this show (out of three calls total) so apparently I look like I'm from middle Indiana. Not sure how I feel about that. haha. But, if it means I get to earn money for four days on set, I'll take the title!

So onto nails—I did another attempt at half moons using a pop of color. The application wasn't the neatest but I liked the color combo of navy and bright teal.
Zoya Ibiza over China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

I was excited to see the moons matched my toothpaste! haha. Always love the matchy matchy.
Colgate Total ;)

I got my three Zoya bottles from their facebook promo! Zoya is my favorite brand of polish so I was quite excited to expand my collection. I received Crystal, Charla, and Rea. So far, I've only used Crystal:
Zoya Crystal, holding a ring by my friend Mel

Last weekend one of my best friends Alysia and I went to Arizona to visit the friends we traveled back from camp with last summer. We had a great trip, even though it was short!

Of course we used our designated road trip sunglasses for the occasion!

The desert has some amazing sunsets. Here are two pics I snapped on my phone while driving and stopped for gas.

So linear with the clouds. Weird.

Ooh. Last week I picked up some cute boots that were on clearance at Target! I love the gray suede and the RUFFLES!
Xhilaration Kameel Boots $20.98

In random news, I joined this cool site a couple of weeks ago where you can bookmark, or "pin", images you find and fall in love with. Feel free to join and follow me! So far I only have two friends on there. :) I loveee images though so it's a great way to keep track of and share pics I stumble across.

That's all for now. Next time I should have a review up on nail foils that were sent to me by OCNailArt! That'll be fun. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Bonjour! It's been a good while since I've made an appearance! I'm really not good with blogging while in school. haha. I have been keeping up with the picture taking though, and now it's time to share!

Ooh. These reminded me of Lisa Frank stickers. :) They were much sparklier in person!
Zoya Avril base, Street Wear Illusion, Konad S.P. Black with m57

I'm really not a red polish kind of girl, and in reality these are a little more pink than the picture lets on! I do like the glossy shine, though.
Zoya Vanessa

I made my half moons a little too big, but I still like the overall look. It looks black at first, but it's actually a dark green with the gray. I got excited about all the color combos I want to do in the future! Oh, and I definitely used hole reinforcers for the moons. I still can't free-hand! ;)
Zoya Envy over Ice Kiss Me Here

These were my Thanksgiving nails. Gradient gold and copper glitter over a copper base.
Jane Megawatt over Zoya Penny

I wanted dark nails but with a little flair! I used my dotting tool for the polka dots.
Zoya Raven with Ice Kiss Me Here and China Glaze Awaken dots

These nails were inspired by the nails of one of my male classmates (yes, I was a little taken aback when I saw them. haha). I used a similar color and glitter but added some wintery snow flakes to make it my own.
Cover Girl City Lights over Zoya Yummy with China Glaze Awaken and Revlon Chrome Lily with m59

I love the super pastel look but don't have many pastel polishes, so I used a sheer sparkly color over a white base. I liked its iridescence.
Revlon Sweet Nothings Rendez-Blue over Zoya Snow White

A few days later I wanted to spice them up! I used one of my nail art polishes to do the only hand-painting I thought I was capable of. :) These are almost carivalesque and though far from perfect, they were fun!
L.A. Colors Nail Art in Magenta (lies!! It's totally purple)

I had on some dark color for a while (black?? navy blue?) and wanted to do more experimenting with sheer top layers. I just used the polish brush so my stripes were pretty off, but you can see the before and after with the top coat.

CND Effects Gold Shimmer over a dark base

I finally got some mood polish from Claire's! It definitely works best on nails that have some length so that there is a temperature difference from nail base to tips. The polishes are fun, though don't last much longer than a day.
Claire's Mood Polish in Happy/Earthy

Again with the red . . . but I wanted to use my matte top coat. It gave the red a more industrial look which I liked better. It needed a twist.
Essie A-List with Claire's Matte Top Coat

Mmm. I love pink, and I love glitter. I also "mattified" these which gave it a cool, smooth effect.
Zoya Astra with Claire's Matte Top Coat

Phewww. I made it through all the nail pictures. OK, so I made a major beauty splurge. I have such a hard time spending money, but somehow I managed to shell out $30 for TWEEZERS. I saw this Betsey Johnson pair and knew I had to have them. Of course, they have a lifetime guarantee so they are the only pair I'll need for the rest of my life! ;) Aren't they pretty?!

For nearly the past two months I've been without a room because my actual room has been in various states, including this:
We're in the middle of construction and my room keeps becoming more and more involved in the new plans. I won't go into detail (RAIN, cough. Water damage, cough. Collapsing ceiling, cough.) but I CANNOT WAIT to have a room. My belongings are strewn around the house and right now I'm sitting at my computer which I've set up in my family room. Mm, I crave a private space to curl up and watch Hulu. hahaha. Pathetic and so true.

I have more to update on and I want to try and get away from only doing nail posts (more like when I first started this blog) but these will wait until next time. :) Thanks for reading!!!

P.S. Shout-out to Sam!!