Sunday, October 10, 2010

Season Two Premiere

I'm back after my summer hiatus! haha. OK sorry for the TV lingo. (Can you tell I'm thrilled my Hulu queue is filling up?) No but really, I haven't posted in two months, more specifically since school started. OY I have had the busiest semester ever so far. I had lots of stuff due this past week so I feel like now I can get away with sneaking in just a little blog time.

Nails nails nails. That's probably why you're reading this. I've been incredibly lax in doing my nails, especially konading! I'll catch you up with what I've documented though.

I only wore these like a day because they just didn't excite me. Zoya Harley with Konad m14 in Revlon Punch Chrome.

Then, for whatever random reason, my naked nails were behaving very well so I went naked for a few days.

I started getting bored with no color but I still liked my nudeness so I threw on some Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

Wow, that stuff is always surprisingly hard to get off of your nails. It was time to move on to Zoya Jolene which I still hadn't tried since getting it from the swap they had in the summer. I think it's the perfect Barbie pink.

I wanted to jazz it up a bit so I tried to konad on some argyle with m60 but as you can see from the purpleish tint to the pinky and middle nails, the stamping didn't work and I had to take off the black. This picture was days after I did it and I had never bothered to top coat the nail so the black was wearing off. OH but with this sad, poor example of Konad's magic, I caught the eye of a girl who was working at a thrift store. She asked if I did it myself and if so, how on earth I did it! She asked my to write down the name on a receipt top so I did. Happy to convert another Konader! ;)

I decided to konad the next one after the base layer of color had already started chipping, so the result is less than stunning. I like the tone-on-tone look, though. Zoya Demi with Konad m73 in China Glaze Let's Groove.

Next, I wanted something bright and fun so I tried Urban Outfitters Green 6 without a white base and had much better results than my first time. It wore pretty well, too. (Sorry for the crappy photo and worn tips!)

This Konadicure I really liked and have been meaning to do since I first got the second polish like last December. This is Ice Kiss Me Here with Konad m3 in China Glaze Awaken. Again, it's tone-on-tone which I love. It's surprisingly subtle but then BAM if you pay attention. ;)

My friend went to Hawaii last month and brought me back this HOT PINK called Aloha Dream by Island Girl which is a great blend of pink with a dash of red. It's that perfect strawberry/raspberryish color that I love so much! I couldn't capture the accurate color in photos, sadly. And this was right after I applied it, so I apologize for my messy cuticles. I still don't have my application technique down!! haha

OK well this is a long and boring post (which I'm sorry for!) but I'll leave you with an assignment I turned in for a class a few weeks ago that I had SOOO much fun doing (mostly due to rooting around my closet for "band worthy" clothes and coordinating all the outfits) and am happy to say I got an A on. :)

I hope I'll find more time (and interesting subject matter) to post about sooner than two months from now! Happy 10/10/10 and have a great week!

(P.S. Wow. This post took me 2 and 1/2 hours to create! Maybe that's why I blog so rarely. haha.)