Friday, December 4, 2009

J + ?

One day when there is a letter to complete the above equation, I want to wear it around my neck like so:

Isn't this absolutely adorable? Aw.

In some trivially exciting news, yesterday I won my very first bottle of OPI nail polish from InStyle's 20 Days of Nail Polish Giveaway on Twitter. It comes with a coordinating lip gloss, too. I hope it arrives soon! :)

Decorate Your-elf Gift Set in Meet & Jingle

Today was the day to turn in my portfolio for my 2D design class which means I'm done with cutting and gluing for the semester!!! No more sticky fingers. We got out of class 5 hours early (yes, it's a longggg class) so now I really need to use this time wisely and do homework for other classes. The semester is almost done though, hallelujah!

Peace out, girl scouts.

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